Social Graces Class: It's Party Time!
Social Graces Class: It's Party Time!

Social Graces Class: It's Party Time!

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It's Party Time!

  • Birthday Party & Play Date Manners
  • The Joy of Gift Giving & Receiving
  • Being a Gracious Host
  • Being a Gracious Guest

Who doesn't love a party? This class is the perfect course for elementary aged children who are in the play date and birthday mode. Birthday parties are chock-full of lessons in social graces. We'll review behaviors associated with acting like a warm and welcoming host and securing your spot as the guest that both kids and parents want to invite again and again! This class also focuses on those moments of gift giving and receiving that could make a parent proud...or make them want to hide.

Meet the Instructor: Owner of Etiquette for Everyday and Certified Etiquette Instructor through the International School of Protocol, Kelly Frager truly enjoys raising awareness about how we can treat each other with kindness, courtesy and respect. She loves building individual confidence by discussing courteous and civil ways to handle situations that range from the playground to the dinner table to the board room.

Ages: 5-8+

Location: aMuse Toys, #theLab at Quarry Lake

Cost: $40