Thinkfun a-Ha! Brainteaser Kit

Thinkfun a-Ha! Brainteaser Kit

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a-ha! Brainteaser Kit™
Perfect for the Classroom!

This kit contains instructions and materials to create eight unique Brainteaser Centers in your classroom. Students build problem-solving and critical thinking skills as they play through eight Brainteaser Centers, using hints to help scaffold learning as needed. The “Aha! Moment” that comes from solving a brainteaser encourages students to exercise logic in new ways and builds confidence to take on more difficult challenges.

Ages:  Grade 2 – 8
Players:  Single Player


  • a-ha! Straight Arrow
  • a-ha! The Missing “T”
  • a-ha! 4 T’s
  • a-ha! 4-Piece Pyramid
  • a-ha! Starburst
  • a-ha! The Fifth Chair
  • a-ha! Double Square
  • a-ha! Pack It In