Waboba 3 in 1 Outdoor Activity Play Kit

Waboba 3 in 1 Outdoor Activity Play Kit


"Water, land AND sky. Your one-stop shop for outdoor EXCITEMENT!

A magnetic box opens to reveal three choice outdoor activities. It's a 3-in-1 active play kit that keeps fun fresh and invigorating.

The Play Book is included with 21 ways to play - but who needs instructions? Make up your own ways and the fun keeps bouncing, spinning and flying.

Waboba Surf
Pools, puddles, lakes, oceans... the Waboba Surf defies the water. Its superb design skips off the water's surface. Try throwing fast or slow, sharp angles or easy bounces. Soft and squishy, yet spectacular and speedy; that's the Waboba Surf.

Moon Ball
Spinning itself silly, the Moon Ball bounces HIGH in the sky. Send it from your hand and heaven only knows where it'll land. Crater-like textures on the surface of this crazy ball produce out-of-this world experiences. Give it a bounce, you'll see.

Waboba Flyer
"What is this?" Kids hold the Flyer and question its use. Not for long. Intuitively they toss it in the air. The fun begins. The soft rubbery-foam tip bounces off hands, feet, heads, arms, rackets; kids rush to the scene when they spot the Flyer in its element. Catch, badminton, keep-away - kids know what to do.

The beach or gymnasium, pasture or pool, sidewalk or grass, puddles or playground, these play toys keep the fun barometer way in the green.

All three toys are included!

Send fun soaring HIGH."